On Saturday 27th April, a spectacular show took place at the London Hilton on Park Lane – the grand final of the unique international beauty project “MISS USSR.” 11 Beautiful ladies from the countries of the former Soviet Union represented the unique culture of their states. The founder and inspiration behind this significant project are Julia Titova, a businesswoman with great experience in the field of high-profile international events.

The show brought together legends from the world of show business, politics, business, cultural leaders, representatives of public organizations as well as foreign partners. The evening’s special cuisine was a Michelin-level gala dinner from the famous chef, Anthony Marshall. The magnificent stage was the centerpiece of the event from where the extravaganza, the celebration of grace and true charm took place!

Finalists of the contest in national costumes (photo: Kirtan Patel @kirtanpatel_)

A dedicated and professional team was involved in preparing the participants and the show itself:
• Creative Producer & Show Host – Irina Dedyuk, star of X-Factor UK.
• Show Choreographer – Anastasia Vinnikovskaya, having worked with artists such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Chris Brown amongst others.
• Project Manager – Isabella Urumyants.
• Julia Sinitsyna – European champion in gymnastics, responded to the invitation and provided invaluable assistance in the preparation of the show.

Each of the finalists was worthy of becoming a winner. Not only true beauties, but also with strong and interesting personalities, versatile, enthusiastic, motivated and determined. On the evening, the crown found its queen, and 18-year old Angelina Chobanyan, representing Armenia, became the winner of “MISS USSR 2019”. The event also launched an internet vote for the public, for which the undisputed leader was also Angelina.

Anhelina Chabanian (photo: Anton Phatianov @antonphatianov)

As the winner, herself says: “I learned to set high standards for myself. They have become a clear sign that I am capable of future successful achievements! ” This bodes well for her success because in the history of the project this was the first time that the audience votes and jury votes were unanimously the same.

The title of 1st Vice-Miss went to Russian model, Ksenia Ocheredko,

Ksenia Ocheredko – 1st Vice-Miss (photo: Anton Phatianov @antonphatianov)

and the title of 2nd Vice-Miss went Laura Mukhtar, representing Kazakhstan.

Laura Mukhtar – 2nd Vice-Miss (photo: Kirtan Patel @kirtanpatel_)

Winners, finalists, Yulia Titova and Irina Dedyuk (photo: Kirtan Patel @kirtanpatel_)

The event was supported by popular artists and media celebrities:
• 3-Time Grammy Award Winner – composer Dave Yaden;

Dave Yaden and Irina Dedyuk (photo: See Li @londonpicturecapital)

• Russian singer and actress, the leading star of the musicals “Chicago”, “Singing in the Rain”, “Zorro” – Anastasia Stotskaya;

Anastasia Stotskaya (photo: Anton Phatianov @antonphatianov)

• The legend of the rock band Iron Maiden – soloist Tony Moore;

Tony Moore (photo:Kirtan Patel @kirtanpatel_)

• Boney M Singer and Legend – Sheila Bonnick

Dave Yaden, Sheila Bonnik (photo: Kirtan Patel @kirtanpatel_)

• The restauranteur Ciro Orsini

Chiro Orsini, the legendary restaurateur (photo: Kirtan Patel @kirtanpatel_)

Every year the project “MISS USSR” attracts more and more attention and expands its capabilities. This year again shows that the words “beauty will save the world” is not an empty phrase, but a work of great exception and is unique in its kind, with wonderful people!