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When you are beautiful and feel beautiful, you get overwhelmed with the feeling that everything is possible, that you can rule the world. Today, for you, I created innovative cosmetic products that combine exceptional textures with result driven active molecules in elegant presentations to give you those wings, to make you look and feel beautiful. From now on everything is possible. Be beautiful, Feel beautiful VV Cosmetics.

Kamila Bakh studio was founded in 2013. At the head of the enterprise is the famous Kazakh Designer Kamila Bach. She is the author of the “Golden Man” costume, which was created for Miss Universe for a contestant who represented Kazakhstan in 2018. The company has several divisions such as the sewing workshop, atelier, beauty studio, photo studio, Model agency for children and adults, as well as the reality show TOP model by Camila Bach, which starts in April 2019.

Маленький бренд винтажных корон ручной работы. A small handmade brand of vintage crowns.

Modern LED Systems The company provides a worldwide supply of a wide range of high-quality LED lamps, lightbulbs, panels, spotlights as well as replacement of traditional lighting systems with LED systems, energy audit and energy saving cabinets.

VAB Oils is a LV based company that exists since 2010. Our task is to provide oil and aviation fuel supply services to our customers at the best prices and in the most convenient for the customer terms.

Travel Britannia Ltd. is Dealing with Travel agency activities and Concierge services since 2009. And dealing services as below , * All transportation and Transfer Services *Welcoming Services * Hotel Reservation *Accommodation finding Services *Bank Account opening Services

Freedom Club - Клуб Свободных Путешественников ! Компания занимается авторскими и уникальными путешествиями по всему миру, которые делят жизнь на до и после. Freedom Club - здесь каждый день как маленькая жизнь !

ЯНА ИВАНЧИНА/YANA IVANCHINA Автор бренда арт индустрии ЯИ Петербургский художник Автор известной серии картин

Brand by Jazgul Nazymova

Med-beaty.com - All about healthy and beauty

Jmodels - Modeling school and agency in Tashkent. Since 2011 is a regular participant of the «Tashkent Fashion Week» and other projects.

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