«MISS USSR» — unique international beauty project.
In this enchanting show, some of the most beautiful ladies from the post-Soviet states will present the unique culture of their respective countries. With the cooperation of our partnering brands, we will show how beauty will save the world.
MISS USSR – there are many exceptional opportunities for our sponsors and partners.

Gathering together an exclusive selection of:

  • HNWI and UHNWI;
  • Directors and CEOs of global corporations;
  • Diplomats, representatives of Royal families, lords;
  • A-list celebrities, top-models, public figures;
  • Prominent brand names;
  • Various ethnic media outlets.

Estabilished in 2012
Russian entrepreneur
Julia Titova

As a successful business-woman, Julia Titova has faced many challenges throughout her entrepreneurial journey. She has achieved great success, but it has not been easy. She overcame huge challenges having arrived in a foreign country on her own, not knowing the language, with limited finances & resources, with no support and with minimal knowledge in running a business, seeking advice from wherever she could find it. Who knows how this journey might have been accelerated and been less challenging if she had the right support and mentorship from the beginning. Now successfully established, Julia has chosen to give back and provide the support that she did not have starting out; to be a positive role model for other women, especially her younger sisters.

She established the MISS USSR brand in 2012 to help and empower females from the former Soviet Union countries; to showcase the multicultural heritage of the representative countries, to educate the contestants through personal development & coaching (by bringing in to specialists to work with them), and to provide opportunities to help build their careers & networks (through the MISS USSR platform).

The MISS USSR finals are a glamorous entertainment showcase celebrating individual beauty, fashion, arts & talents, with the platform also providing introductions and connections to open doors to new business opportunities around the world for the sponsors, partners and guests.


Julia Titova

CEO and Founder

Ciro Orsini


Romy Hawatt


Izabelle Urumyants

Project Manager

Irina Dedyuk

Creative producer, ambassador and host

Anastasiya Vinikovska

Producer, Choreographer

Kristina Badrak

Client Relationship Manager

Anastasia Lienbo

Partner & Guest Manager

Armanda Arutyunova


Dr. Rakish Rana

Business coach

Andrey Volkov

IT Director

Sergey Mironov


Julia Sinitsina

Ambassador, Choreographer

Samanta Panceravaite

Ambassador, Finalist MISS USSR UK 2013/16

Roksana Sljahtitch

Ambassador, MISS USSR UK 2015

Agne Skopaite

Ambassador, MISS USSR UK 2016

Anastasia Melikhova

SMM manager






Olga Lebedinova

Producer, Choreographer

Elena Shtogrina

Сoach, expert and certified teacher of imageology

Galina Boggis-Rolf

Consultant engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases


MISS USSR UK is proud to open applications for the following positions:

  • Sales manager;
  • PA/secretary;
  • SMM (social media manager)
  • marketing & media ambassadors;
  • model scout;
  • PR manager;
  • photographer/ videographer;
  • artist;

This great opportunity will give the selected individuals the chance to be part of building MISS USSR UK 2018. The project will be invaluable in grooming one’s carrier through contacts in both the public and private sector, ranging from universities through to luxury brands and A-list celebrities.

We are looking to build a team of individuals that embody a strong drive in event management. Individuals will have to be well connected within their social networks, with strong communication skills and vitality for self-motivation. We have few job roles, involve a series of duties from the following but not limited to Model Scouting, Sponsorship, SMM, Press & Media liaising and Ticket Sales.

Please fill in the application form for your chance to be part of the project.
Best regards, MISS USSR UK team

  • Please upload your CV in PDF format.